This is when goods are sent via Sea in a shared container. We can arrange to collect goods from anywhere in the world, goods will be packed and clearly labeled. You will be issued with documents that relate to your goods and allow you to retrieve your cargo at it’s destination. We have a network of agents who will assist you with clearance and delivery of your cargo. If necessary your documents will be sent via courier to your address abroad.

Shipping lines charge by weight of cargo or by cubic size, whichever is greatest. Weight is measured per tons and size by cubic meter. Once goods are packed, they are weighed and measured exactly so that you can be informed as to the exact cost of shipping.
To calculate the cubic meter = Height (meter) x Width (meter) x Length (meter)

Please note that all containers loaded are handballed (all goods are removed from pallets and loaded case by case) unless otherwise instructed.  We are able to consolidate goods from various suppliers.  We can also load reefer and ventilated containers
Due to weight restrictions on UK roads no more than 23,000kgs can be loaded into any size container.

1 x 20′ Container
A 1 x 20′ container can accommodate up to 22 pallets worth of cargo and has a cubic capacity of approximately 30 cbm.
1 x 40′ Container
A 1 x 40′ container can accommodate up to 45 pallets worth of cargo and has a cubic capacity of approximately 60 cbm.
1 x 40′ HC Container
A 1 x 40′ HC container can accommodate up to 50 pallets worth of cargo and has a cubic capacity of approximately 65 cbm.

Please ensure you make a packing list for your goods. For commercial shipment a copy of the commercial invoice is needed.
If you are planning to ship any hazardous items please let us know in advance.
We recommend that you take out insurance for your cargo – details available on request

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